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GlucoTools is a set of tools for the Palm Pilot and HandSpring Visor type PDAs that assist pumpers (diabetics using insulin pumps, Animas, Cozmo, Desetronic, Minimed, etc) with managing diabetes. It may be usefull for non-pumpers as well. GlucoTools is handy to double check meal and correction boluses. This software and source code is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The insulin-pumpers website is a very good website for insulin pumpers or those considering an insulin pump.

The GlucoTools project is hosted on SourceForge.

I currently maintain five other projects on SourceForge, the Finite State Kernel Creator, NAGS Spam Filter, SourceForge Banner, NIC Diagnostics, EZ-USB2131 Linux Kernel Module [if you didn't notice, that was a shameless plug]

Screen Shots

The GlucoTools main screen
A meal bolus - time to eat!
Reviewing the records
Some interesting info

Some Features

PDA Requirements

Future Release

07/25/06: OK, so I'm running a little behind. I do plan another release at some point in the future, I hope sooner than later because I have some cool ideas for the desktop.
09/01/05: I plan to release v3.0 in six to eight months. Shortly thereafter, I'll release the first version of GlucoTools Desktop. I have a prototype that is written in Perl and generates JavaScript web pages so it will be OS/platform independent.

Terms of Usage

You must agree to the following terms before using GlucoTools:
  1. I will NOT make any insulin dosage or other decision based solely on GlucoTools
  2. I use GlucoTools at MY OWN RISK and will consult my physician before making any changes whatsoever
  3. I have read and agree to the terms of the GNU General Public License
If you don't agree to the above terms, don't use GlucoTools.


While GlucoTools is intuitive, reading the user documentation is a must to fully understand the features of the tool. The importance of reading the documentation can't be stressed enough. The document is available in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely available (look for the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon). On many popular Linux distributions, xpdf and ghostview are two applications used to view and print PDF documents.

GlucoTools v2.0 Documentation (PDF) for you to read.

GlucoTools v2.0 Application (PRC) for downloading to your PDA.

GlucoTools v2.0 Source code (tar gzipped); so, you want to see under the hood do you?


Subscribe to the GlucoTools announcements list to be notified when new versions are released.

A list of changes within each release is available.

Getting Help

Any type of questions should be posted to the GlucoTools users list, you must be subscribed to the list to post (send email) messages to it. Previously posted questions and answers should be browsed first.

Reporting Bugs

Before submitting a bug, be sure to browse the submitted bugs to ensure it has not already been reported. If you don't see a similar bug, then submit a new bug with the following information:
  1. From the GlucoTools main screen, press the hardware scroll-up button to display the GlucoTools information screen containing the PalmOS version, ROM ID, software version, GlucoTools source file version, and database version.
  2. Type of PDA (Visor Neo, Palm III, etc.).
  3. Describe the sequence of steps that exposed the bug.
  4. Provide the exact text displayed, if any, when the bug is exposed.
  5. Any known work-around for this bug.

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